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  • Our story so far…

Our story so far…

We had been cooking up the idea for years. In December 2009 we decided we were happy with the recipe and Secretly Famous was ready to be served! A website which promotes special independently owned places to stay, eat and visit. The kind of destinations you find almost by chance which are usually just off the beaten track – and sometimes right on your doorstep. We started with Lancashire and Cumbria, our next stop is Yorkshire and Cheshire, then the world!

In truth, at this stage our understanding of sustainability was not fully formed. Then out of the blue, in February 2010 Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi (one of the world’s leading creative organizations, with a team of 6000 people in 150 offices across 86 countries) wrote a blog about us showcasing some of our Secretly Famous places for the world to see. Kevin, who works from New York, lives in Auckland and has a beautiful home in Grasmere, stumbled upon us in a regional magazine he was reading on a flight to New York.

We soon began to wonder if there was more to Secretly Famous than we’d realised in the first place. The hours that followed studying KR’s books, blogs and videos provided the inspiration for the more heart shaped version of Secretly Famous we have today – you could say he iced the cake for us!

Welcome to the Secret Revolution.